Battling the Elements: HVAC Tips for Stormy & Humid Weather

Battling the Elements: HVAC Tips for Stormy & Humid Weather


Extreme weather conditions can wreck havoc on your HVAC systems, such as using more energy, wind causing physical damage, electrical malfunctions, and voltage damaging key components. While your air conditioning systems are built for most outdoor conditions, weather conditions like lightning and high winds can be dangerous for your outdoor unit. Some may think that the only purpose of their air conditioning systems is to cool their homes... they actually do more than that! Your A/C also removes the moisture from the air that it is cooling. Unfortunately, if the outside is TOO humid, the air inside has more moisture than normal; causing the air conditioner to struggle to keep up.

Here we are going to tell you what you can do to help your HVAC systems when a storm is approaching.

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What you should do:

Lightning: Turn the A/C unit OFF; if lightning is in the forecast, turn the outdoor unit off in case of lightning striking your air conditioning system (causing major damage & costly repairs).

High Winds: Check around your systems after big storms; wind-driven debris, like branches and leaves, can get jammed into the unit and clog the air conditioners coils. More severe cases are physical damage like bending or breaking of components.

Brown Outs: Invest in a Surge Protector; a surge in voltage can overload the system, damaging circuit boards, compressors, motors, and other key components. The Surge Protector does exactly what the name hints at... it protects your systems from those dangerous surges we tend to get during big storms.

Call HVAC Company: If you are unsure after a huge storms passed by your home, you can give Complete Home Comfort a call and we can do an A/C maintenance & evaluation for you; giving you that peace of mind with your HVAC systems.

What you can do to help:

Below is a list of things that you can easily do to keep the humid air outside instead of inside:

Check AC for Damage: While you may not be able to fix the damage yourself, you can be one step ahead and check your air conditioning units for any damage that may impact your air flow. Shown in the picture above is bent coil fins, which can overtime obstruct your air flow; leaving your home warmer than you would like.

Set Fan to AUTO: When the air conditioner absorbs heat and moisture, cold air is blown in; keeping the fan ser to ON will continue to blow moisture back into the house instead of holding it in the coils. Setting the fan to AUTO allows the AC system to shut off between cooling cycles, allowing the coils to drain and cool correctly.

Adjust Fan Speed: An AC doesn’t remove moisture as effectively at higher fan settings, the cooler air moves into your home more quickly but it doesn’t allow humidity to be removed. At lower speeds, a lower rate of airflow can help remove more moisture and maintains temperature settings more effectively.

Changing Filters: A clogged filter not only increases the risk of dust and debris, but it can also trap moisture and cause it to collect in the ducts. The result can be increase indoor humidity and the growth of mold. For specific seasons, the furnace filters should be changed at least one a month.

Surge Protector: Having a trusted technician come to your home and install a Surge Protector or a Start- Assist Device, can really help you out when it comes to the uncertainty of storms and humidity. The Surge Protector will protect your systems from taking in excess energy that can occur during bad storms. The Start-Assist Device does exactly what is in the name– having a Start-Assist Device will help the compressor in the unit start up easier, prolonging the life of the compressor. This will also make it so the air conditioning unit doesn’t work as hard to start.

Other than having a HVAC professional out to install a whole-house dehumidifier, there are some simple things you can do yourself to keep your home humid-free and save money on bills! Like using your exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen should force that extra moisture outside.

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